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Quicker navigation with arrow keys

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Quicker navigation with arrow keys

Postby nosaintnick » Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:44 pm

It speeds up the writing process to be able to navigate with the arrow keys without resorting to dragging stuff around with the mouse. The problem I'm having is that inputting a note requires two keystrokes; "enter", then the fret number, and "enter" again. Once the note has been entered this way, it is still blue/selected. I then have to press "Esc" two times and then reselect the note time value I want to use next (using the keybaord shortcut) and start the whole process over again.

Am I taking the long way around? Is their a more efficient way to navigate and enter notes without a mouse or separate num-pad?

note: I use Progression on my laptop.
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Re: Quicker navigation with arrow keys

Postby KylePoehling » Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:22 pm

I usually enter my notation and then tweak my tab settings. This certainly cuts down on the note entry for me....short cuts are definitely the best way to get your music entered quickly. I posted a complete list of shortcuts in this forum (first post in this forum I think...). Take a good look at that and see if anything there will help you.

Definitely feel free to email me or post here if you have any other questions......

Kyle Poehling
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