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Not capaple of multi channel guitar?

PostPosted: Sun May 11, 2014 10:54 am
by tobe
i have seen some vids and read some of the manuals as i find Progression quite attractive.
I have a friend from youtube who has got Progression bundled with a Fishman midi controller and he said the recognition of the played string is wrong. f.i. whenever he plays an A on the 6th string, it will be recognized as the open A on the 5th string, regardless if he has the checkbox ticked for multichannel guitar..
(he said that he didn´t try much further though)

wondering what the checkbox is for, and if this is true I wouldn´t consider purchasing the product any more.

i own a you rock guitar now which sends on 6 separate channels.
I expect tabulator software to catch the strings actually played.