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PROGRESSION Keyboard Short-Cuts (quick-keys)

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PROGRESSION Keyboard Short-Cuts (quick-keys)

Postby Admin » Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:40 am

Here's a list of the Keyboard Short-Cuts for PROGRESSION:

Shift-W= Double Whole Note
W= Whole note
H= Half note
Q= Quarter note
E= Eighth note
S= Sixteenth note
T= 32nd note
K= 64th note
L= 128th note
G= Grace notes
X= Toggles x-notes, Triangle-notes, Normal notes
D= Dot tool
M= Mezzo dynamics
Shift+Cmd+T= Staff settings menu
Shift+Cmd+(+/=) "Zoom to..."
Shift+Cmd+S= Save As
Alt-Q= Slur tool
Alt-X= Alternate for Add Title, Header, Footer
Alt-B= Alternate for "open/close snare; Left hand pizz.; open/close high-hat? (as yet undefined)"
Alt-<= Alternate for Dot tool (D); defaults with quarter note in cursor
Alt->= eighth note
Alt-Shift-W= Alternate for Rehearsal Mark tool
Shift-R: Rehearsal Markings
Shift-T: Tie tool
Shift-O: Chord tool
Shift-C: Chord tool
Shift-S: Slur tool
Shift-H: Add Title, Header, or Footer
Shift-J: Text tool
Shift-K: Key Signature tool
Shift-L: Lyric tool
Shift-M: Time Signature tool
Shift-Z: Pizz. tool
Shift-+/=: Toggles open/close high-hat.
C= Clef tool
Cmd+#1= Voice #1
Cmd+#2= Voice #2
Cmd+E= MIDI Step entry
Cmd+R= MIDI Record
Cmd+Q= Quit
Cmd+W= Close window
Cmd+P= Print
Cmd+O= Open
Cmd+A= Select All
Cmd+delete= Clear
Cmd+S= Save
-/_= Dash articulation
#1= Staccato, Staccatissimo, Mezzo-staccato
#2= Flat/double-flat tool
#3= Sharp/double-sharp tool
#4= Natural tool
#5= Empty
#6= Strong accent, Legato-strong-accent, Staccato-strong-accent, Staccatissimo-strong-accent
#7= Empty
#8= Accent, Legato-accent, Staccato-accent, Stacccatissimo-accent
`/~= Press 2x and Gold "playback" cursor is moved to first measure

F5= Reload samples (note: loss of playback while loading)

I= Bar-line (2x= double bar-line)
O= Harmonic
>/.= Decrescendo hairpin
</.= Crescendo hairpin
Ctrl+I= moves cursor-object forward by one measure for every 2x pressed
Cmd+D= Duplicate tool
Cmd+H= Hide window
Cmd+Z= Undo
Shift+Cmd+Z= Redo
Cmd+T= Transpose
Cmd+V= Paste
Cmd+C= Copy
Cmd+N= New Score/File
Cmd+<= Preferences menu
Cmd +/- = Zoom in/out

Hope this helps!
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