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7-String Guitar Problem

PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2014 2:45 pm
by Setsunayaki
I am a guitarist and I write my compositions on manuscript paper as well as notion for ipad. I used to be able to write in my notes just fine, but recently Ive had the following problem:

Normal tuning for a guitar is
E4 B3 G3 D3 A2 E2

However, when seven string guitars are bought, many tune down a whole step to get an A in the lowest sounding string. The tuning I use (one step down) on my seven string is:

D4 A3 F3 C3 G2 D2 A1

The problem that arises is that when i look up keyboard entry, the keyboard does not go below D2 in input, but on the seven string fretboard included, there is no sound on pitches A1 or Bb1 during playback.

I have reinstalled the program on my ipad twice already. I have downloaded everything. Was anything changed recently in an update?

7th String only plays when its a B1 pitch or higher (which is the expected tuning) but we tune down a lot due to bands like Korn who tuned down to A.

Is this intentional? Can it be fixed? I would like my compositions to completely play back like they used to...

Educational Background: Music, Computer Science (B.A in music), working towards Masters in Education.
Music Experience: 17 years as a guitarist ^_^
I love the notion program and I use it daily to help with writing complex parts and fast parts...I love the ipad version because I can share ideas with other musicians. Desktop versions force too many printouts, i rather have musicians enter ideas while working on the same composition in a nice tranquil setting.

Thank you for your time. ^_^