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need help with tuplets

need help with tuplets

Postby stargazerb » Fri Apr 11, 2014 8:55 am

Hello, I'm new to Notion but have been using Sibelius for 14 years. I'm trying to figure out tuplets, and I'm not succeeding. I've read every forum post I could find, and the manual about 30 times, and tried watching the Notion youtube video (which was awful, unfortunately), and no luck.

I really just need a step-by-step guide to getting mixed rhythms in tuplets. I can occasionally get quarter-eighth triplets to work, but I don't really get why it works and doesn't. I also can't at all figure how to do dotted eight-sixteenth-eighth triplets. I figure if I can understand those two really basic ones I can figure out more complex ones.

Help would be enormously appreciated! Thank you.
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