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maj7 is not read properly? From musicxml

PostPosted: Mon Nov 25, 2013 4:42 pm
by robipad
When e.g. Cmaj7 is translated into XML it shows in an standard musicXML file as root C with <kind>major-seventh</kind> which seems correct to me. However Notion will always translate it into C7 and ignore the major. If you correct all the stuff and export a XML back from Notion it translates it into root C with <kind>major-minor</kind>. Tests show that if you replace all <kind>major-seventh</kind> into <kind>major-minor</kind> all my files were read correctly by Notion. It seems Notion uses it's own standard for XML ? Can anyone tell me more about it?

Re: maj7 is not read properly? From musicxml

PostPosted: Sat Nov 30, 2013 6:01 am
by robipad
This is why Notion does not read the CMaj7:
CMaj7 is translated by as well the program MuseScore as PDFtoMusic Pro into C (root) major-seventh (kind). It seems logic but it is NOT always clear. C major-seventh means C7! This is because C=CMaj=CM=Cmajor. Those typical 4 writing styles are identical meaning c-e-g. However CMaj7 is c-e-g-b and that should be translated according to Notion as major-minor (kind). So since Notion seems to have implemented this wrong translation (see the musicxml Standards) it will translate major-seventh (kind) into C7 and major-minor (kind) which is CmMaj7 into CMaj7. However since MuseScore as PDFtoMusic both do a different translation according to the musixml standard Notion will never see the multiple used CMaj7!However the Musicxml standard is clear major-seventh is major triad=c-e-g + major seventh=b. And minor-seventh is minor triad=c-es-g + major seventh=b.

So Notion should change it translations. Additionally Notion seems not to read additions like C69, C7b9 and C7#9 which are in XML added via <degree> .....</degree> :!: