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Please fix drum kit.

Please fix drum kit.

Postby Montyrivers » Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:34 am

When using any piece of the kit other than e bass or snare, the samples run way too long and create inevitable polyphony issues. You can easily recreate this problem simply by opening a single track in notion and charting out a few measures of triplets played on the ride bell.

I know the program is primarily intended for composing classical music but this is just a huge drag. Shortening the ring out time of the toms and overhead pieces of the kit samples would prevent this problem from occurring 99% of the time. I bought this program and all of its instruments. Notion for iPad is pretty sweet. If the drum issues would just get fixed it would be perfect for me.

Please work on this, it's a very serious problem that has been around for some time.
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