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Dynamic Help and Score Help

Dynamic Help and Score Help

Postby Yehoshua » Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:55 pm

I know how to put in dynamics but I was wondering if you could put the dynamics in so it makes the note loud then suddenly soft for ex. A whole note with the dynamic ffp opposed to a whole note with just ff and the next note being p. See picture 1 for example, look at the first note.
Picture 1
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Also is it possible to split one staff of a certain instrument in to two, showing that the certain instrument section now has two parts. See picture 2 then 3, look at the first and second violin section. Notice how these sections went from one staff each to two.
Picture 2
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Picture 3
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Is there any possible way to do this currently in the app, and if not can you please consider it in the next update.
Thank you for your time I hope to receive answers from someone soon.
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Re: Dynamic Help and Score Help

Postby thorrild » Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:29 pm


It is difficult to create a realistic ffp using synthetic instruments. If the sample library doesn't include a separately recorded sample that mimics this expression, it will almost always sound synthetic (which it is!). Notion's samples do not currently include playback of such dynamic changes on one note. Sometimes there are laborious, time-consuming tricks that can be applied to create an almost satisfactory result, but only in the desktop version of Notion.

The same answer applies to the second question. Right now, on the iPad, you have two choices: Either have two staves for the instrument in the entire score, or notate the divisi measures with up stem-down stem notation (layer 1 and 2). If you choose the first option (2 staves for the entire score), you are not currently able to hide the second staff when it is not in use. That you can only do in the desktop version of Notion.

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