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Feature requests for playback

Feature requests for playback

Postby PatBerg » Mon Mar 18, 2013 11:08 am

I have been using Notion for iPad to learn my choir part in SATB music. To do this, I import Music-XML files that were generated from other musical notation software on the PC. The program is really useful for this task. Using the mixer, the part that is being learned can be amplified or made solo. A nice feature is the back/return button: pressed once this will return to the beginning of the section that I am trying to learn, so I can keep repeating the section easily. The sound is good. All in all, it’s a remarkable piece of software, and really good value for money.

In the context of how I am using the software, these are the features that I would like to have in a future version, in order of priority. I see that others have made some of these requests as well:

A playback speed control in the mixer. It’s awkward to have to go back to the beginning of the file, edit the speed, and then return to the section that I’m trying to learn.

Playback with swing. This could be turned on and off in the mixer (the way MuseScore does it), but I think the logical place for this is in the music notation, for instance with a text tag “Swing” to turn it on and “Straight” to turn it off (the way Capella does it).

During playback, if I am using portrait view I can see more than one line of the music (typically four parts, SATB, with or without piano). It would be good if the playback were always on the top line, so that I can look ahead at the next line.

A scroll indication at the side of the screen to show the current location in the file. This could be present just during scrolling. I presume this is part of the Apple IOS SDK, because it is used in various apps (e.g. scrolling through the Inbox in Mail).

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