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Choral music

Choral music

Postby Wotan » Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:59 pm

Very impressed with Notion for iPad, hope that user input really can shape development. I was contemplating having to buy a PC laptop just to write music, so it's fantastic that I can now make use of my iPad for that purpose.

Feature request: I write mostly for choirs, usually 4 part (SATB), but up to 8 parts (SSAATTBB) - please could there be a way of easily configuring Notion to do this. The sound output is not really that important - in fact I can write out parts with e.g. Sops as 1st violins (!), but it is a bit clunky esp with restriction of range of various instruments. Hopefully I can then transfer to Sibelius on PC to format and print (as it's what I already have).

As others have said, some more ability to zoom and change bars per stave etc would be really good as the product develops.

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Re: Choral music

Postby choirguy » Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:18 pm

I've found that Notion generally imports vocal scores correctly from MusicXML (the exception is that the bass imports as a string bass), and even pulls in lyrics.

My suggestion would be to create some MusicXML templates for the types of choral groups you are arranging for.

If you don't have the MusicXML Dolet for Sibelius (export), it's now free as MakeMusic bought Recordare this past year. You can download the Dolet free of charge at
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