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Feature requests

Feature requests

Postby u8nc » Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:57 am

a great effort you guys

the main thread on this forum ( so far ) seems to be starting to contain feature requests.
Many of them are from users who are working out that the function they seek isnt there or doest work as expected arises basically from using a 'first cut' app.

There is a separate forum purely for Feature requests, but since we are using iPads it requires a lot of gesturing to get an answer on somethng in contxst to our UI and the constraints it imposes on the software design.

my point here is, do other people feel we should have our own 'feature request' thread? whether sticky or not
is it better to use the phrase feature request as part of the post title when introducing it?
should we perservere "over there" and let others put up wit our unique ipad spelling mistakes?

most of the frustrations i have had so far have Already been covered by others comments so i'll patiently wait until the next update to see.

did i say it was a great job?
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