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Problems with standard notation

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Re: Problems with standard notation

Postby Kevinm » Wed May 09, 2012 9:50 am

I am still coming across this problem without a way around it. It is affecting my existing pieces which I cannot just delete and start over. It is easy to test and confirm.

Create a new Song and select any guitar.
The new song automatically opens in notation + tab.
Enter a few notes.
Under settings, guitar settings, change from notation + tab to notation only (top button).
Go back to the song and the notes displayed have shifted down an octave.
They are in the right place on the fretboard but not on the stave. (see note below)

Even if you start a new song, and set the guitar to notation only before you create the song, it still displays notes one octave lower.

The worst part is that this happened to one of my existing pieces and there seems to be no way to translate it back to the proper octave. I have changed the guitar settings between notation only, tab only, notation + tab, and it seems permanently stuck at one octave lower. I'm hoping that the app support folks can take this seriously and release a bug fix.

Note: You may also experience that the fretboard turns white and blank when in notation only. You can work around this by toggling between the equalizer and the fretboard (button at bottom center of the screen). This is another bug, but at least I can work around it.
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Re: Problems with standard notation

Postby albions » Thu May 16, 2013 9:47 am

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