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2 simple and fundamental RULES quetions

Share Custom Rules for NOTION3 and NOTIONSLE

2 simple and fundamental RULES quetions

Postby johnsantana » Wed Oct 02, 2013 4:28 pm

I'm new to using custom rules and have not been able to find the answer in the manual or on this site for these questions--probably because they are so basic:

1. Does the user-generated Rules file HAVE to be in a folder under the one with the Notion music file (as it states in the instructions), or is there a central, default location for the rules files that is always read. Since my rules files apply to almost everything I do, keeping fresh copies in each folder with the .notion file is not as convenient as being able to keep one file in one location.

2. The instructions mention that one may end up with many Rules files, not just one. Does that mean the rules files may have different names and be held in the same folder with the others, or that the files must be distributed among the folders with the .notion files (as in question 1)? If there are multiple files in one location, with different names, does Notion scan through all of them for the rules specified in the score?
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Re: 2 simple and fundamental RULES quetions

Postby wcreed51 » Thu Oct 03, 2013 8:09 am

You'll want to keep all your scores in one folder, with all custom rule files in one sub folder. That will avoid multiple copies.
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