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Strat to write Rules ???

Share Custom Rules for NOTION3 and NOTIONSLE

Strat to write Rules ???

Postby Migot » Wed Aug 14, 2013 3:06 pm

Hello All,

I'm not programmer at all...
...but I'd really like to understand Rules and be able to create some tools for my needs !

Could you please tel me the most SIMPLE ways to start and progress in that domain ?


PS I'm mostly work with VSL SE Ext, VIPro and VE
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Re: Strat to write Rules ???

Postby dcd111 » Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:24 pm

First, if you haven't already, you will want to download the Custom Rules document package from, and read the Custom Rules Instructions, Rule Conditions, and Rule Modifications files in that ZIP at the least.

To get started quickly, I would use Notion's "Generic.prules" as a starting template. That file is located in the .../Notion 4/Support/PluginData/Generic/ folder, found where Notion was installed (in my Windows 7 installation, it's under "C:/Program Files/"). That Generic version already has rules for the basic articulations that can at least be used as a starting point. I would recommend changing the line <plugin id="1"> to <group id="xxxx">, with a four-digit alphanumeric code of your choosing, and use Shift Y in Notion to apply that Group ID (and changing </plugin> to </group>.

One way to get a feel for how Custom Rules work might be to look at the custom rules Notion put together for the various supported VST plugins, especially if you have one of them. Those Notion-created rules files are located under various subfolders of the same "PluginData" folder mentioned above. That way you can read some of the rules while also watching how those rules work by experimenting with that plugin. I basically learned custom rules by observing Miroslav Philharmonik. I would watch the plugin GUI for a particular instrument as Notion played a composition to see what different articulations and techniques actually did in the plugin, and then I would read the Notion .prules file for that plugin to see how it was implemented.

I am also not a programmer, but the Notion custom rules system doesn't really require "real" programming. You are just listing out which conditions you want to receive special playback handling, and what happens when those conditions are met. If anything I think the implementation was too simple; it is far less complicated than a typical scripting language would have been.
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