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Realguitar + MOR + amplitube 3

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Realguitar + MOR + amplitube 3

Postby Erufailon » Thu Jan 06, 2011 1:00 pm

Hi, this is my rock setup.

As you may know, I use midi-out ports only.
So the setup is as follows:
A ch1.:Realguitar Acoustic solo mode
A ch2: Realguitar set to chords mode
A ch3: RealLPC set to solo mode
A ch3: This is also routed to a midi converter that converts midi cc to program change
A ch4: RealLPC chord mode
A ch5: RealLPC set to solo mode
A ch5: This is also routed to a midi converter that converts midi cc to program change
A ch6: RealLPC chord mode

Amplitube receives midi on B15 and B16, but most of all 1 instance receives audio from Reallpc1 and the other from reallpc2, and they respectively receive midi from the converters as the patch changes are controlled via program change.

Also there is a synth on C1 with a few custom sound rules to change synth patches. And I use a few instances of play, bass on A15 from MOR and drums on A16.

I also use a custom expressionlist.tpk file, which I've included, but use it only to look at, as it is kind of like a system file for Notion, and if you change it, I don't know what it will make wrong for you. Works fine for me, but I know what I'm doing and I can fix it if it gets bad.

I have to go now, but I'll eplain how I use it tomorrow, and probably I'll post my EWQLSo setup as well. I don't intend this for anyone to use, just to look at for ideas, so really, please don't replace your expressionlist with this one, especially as I'm probably using an older build, I tend to not upgrade if something works. (And I'm not using the latest build of play yet as well, I'll probably upgrade soon though, built in wordbuilder is sweet). :)
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Re: Realguitar + MOR + amplitube 3

Postby Erufailon » Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:02 am

So how I use it:
I have a template in reaper as I explained in the opening post. I'll just go through the expressions.
* means it's a custom expression, not found in notion originaly, many of these are note expressions, so whenever I use them they apply only to the note it's on, all the others apply until turned off. This is a bit tricky, because I have to use note expressions to turn features on or off in real guitar. For example, though pm is a note expression, it turns pm on in realguitar, so it applies to all the notes until turned off.

Acoustic guitar:
Chords*: changes to midi channel 2, so allows the use of chords.
Tremolo: turns on the repetition in realguitar
+ (stop): left hand mute
pm*: right hand mute (palm mute)
circle: harmonics
smacks*: smacks
port. : slide

These are all controlled by control code messages, unless noted otherwise.

Chord positions are controlled by p,i, m, a found in the guitar tools.

x01-x10: Changes the effect in amplitube. I set 10 patches for now, but it's possible to add as many as I'd like. Sends a cc message, then the converter plugin in reaper converts it to program change that allows direct patch change in amplitube.
Chords*: changes to chords mode
+: left hand mute
pm: palm mute
circle: harmonics
p: pinch harmonics
scrape*: scraping sounds
c: repetition (blends repeating sounds together to lose machine gun effect and create a more coherent sound, as I saw it works a lot as if I pressed the pedal)
bend*: bend to note
reverse bend*: bend and release
violining*: violining (play with the volume knob to create a violin-like sound)
feedback*: feedback sound
sustainer*: sustains the sound
slides: the normal slide notation turns slides on
slur: slur turn legato effect (hammer on, pull off) on, only the notes under the slur are played this way.
fall*: fall
a: increase pick position
m: decrease pick position

Midi A 9,11 and 13 are not used anymore, they should be removed, I just forgot.

fingered: switches to fingered mode
slur: notes under slur are played legato
staccato: staccato

Drums don't have any extra rules, played as notated.

Synths use cs1-cs10 to change the patch.

My notion template is as follows:

Vocal: Midi B1, I use play choirs for now to write the lines, no computer based solo singer yet :)
Acoustic guitar
Electric guitar
Electric guitar 2
Synths 2

The ports and channels are as explained previously, obviously the base channel is not the chords mode one :).

This ruleset was done in my rulebuilder from scratch.
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Re: Realguitar + MOR + amplitube 3

Postby davidmesiha » Tue Mar 27, 2012 2:19 am

sweet! thanks for sharing...

any thoughts on custom rules for EWQL SC to take advantage of wordbuilder within notion? like for legato articulations and so on?

thanks again

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Re: Realguitar + MOR + amplitube 3

Postby Levine » Wed Aug 29, 2012 5:44 am

Really nice!
Thank you for the great and useful contribution!
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