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Postby Admin » Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:26 am

Q: What is NOTION SLE?
A: NOTION SLE is a series of products based on NOTION3 which are designed to work with a single VST library. SLE stands for Single Library Edition and our first NOTION SLE is for the complete collection of VSL's Vienna Special Edition Libraries. In the future we will release SLE products for other libraries as well.

Q: How is NOTION SLE different that NOTION3?
A: NOTION SLE does NOT include the London Symphony Orchestra Library of samples that comes bundled with NOTION3 and it can only be used with the VST library it was intended for. NOTION SLE is also priced lower. Other than that, there are no other functional differences. All other NOTION3 features are also present in NOTION SLE.

Q: Is NOTION SLE "better" than NOTION3 for that particular library?
A: No. NOTION SLE features the same instrument presets and playback rules as NOTION3. They are identical in performance. Which means that your scores will play back exactly the same way if you upgrade from NOTION SLE to NOTION3.

Q: What does "designed to work with" really mean?
A: Essentially it means two things: First, you have pre-programed and balanced VST instrument presets for the library, which are directly available in score setup. So you can add, say, a clarinet or a trumpet instrument from score setup which contains all of the patches and articulations that you need, balanced and pre-programmed to respond to the score you are writing. Secondly, our playback engine will interpret your score markings such as pizz, arco, slurs, trills col legno etc and automatically switch to the correct patch in playback. What it all comes down to is it significantly reduces the amount of time you will spend "programming" the library and allow you to write more music which sounds great. In fact, most of the time, you may very well not do any programming at all. However, should you want to fine tune and tweak, we give you the features to do so.

Q: Can I use my NOTION / Finale / Sibelius scores with SLE?
A: Yes. NOTION SLE supports the same formats as NOTION3. For Finale and Sibelius scores, you need to save them as MusicXML files and import them into NOTION SLE. NOTION SLE features MusicXML import and export without the need for third party plug-ins.

Q: Can I Import/Export MIDI files out of SLE.
A: Yes. We also give you the pre-configured .fxp files, so if you import the MIDI file in your sequencer and use the VST presets you would get the same playback.

Q: What if I want to combine more than one library?
A: You would upgrade to NOTION3. NOTION3 supports all VST instruments and has pre-programmed instrument presets for VSL Special Edition, EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, IK Miroslav Philharmonik and Garritan Personal Orchestra.
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Postby bcarwell » Sat Oct 22, 2011 2:17 am

So if I get Notion3 and am running Miroslav in it, it will run the same as if it was in Notion SLE for Miroslav, e.g. there are no specially tuned features/functions/benefits specifically for Miroslav in SLE Miroslav that aren't in Notion3 ? If true, I assume this would be true for Garritan GPO as well, e.g. Notion3 would be able to run GPO identically to running GPO in Notion SLE for GPO ? Reason I'm asking is I happen to have both Miroslav and GPO and was wondering if I should get Notion SLE for Miroslav AND Notion SLE for GPO, or whether I would have the equivalent by getting Notion3 and thereby be able to run Miroslav and GPO in Notion3 just as if they were in the SLE versions.

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Postby catshsh » Mon Nov 14, 2011 8:53 am

Hi Bob,

As far as I understand, you'd better go directly to Notion3. This will allow you using both sound libraries in the same peace of music with having the possibility to add LSO sounds (native Notion 3).
Moreover, SLE versions are restrictions from full Notion 3 version. There are no add-on specifically provided.
SLE is notion 3 restricted to the specific library.
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