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hello group!

PostPosted: Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:12 pm
by shotgunportfolio
Just purchased and downloaded Notion SLE for Miroslav Philharmonik last night! SOOO excited! Unfortunately the installer gave me no love :cry: just wouldn't install on my system, (imac os x 10.6.2) I've contacted Notion support, they been pretty cool and prompt in the past, hopefully I'll hear from them soon...arrhhh!

Sorry for venting, I was hoping to get some writing done on the weekend, on the plus side Miroslav philharmonik gave me no grief with their download and authentiation, sound DVD's just took ages to download LOL I guess back to sharpening my pencil and manuscript old school style, DANG!

Thanks for reading folks! Hope to learn more from this forum when I get my NOTION SLE working.

Re: hello group!

PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 6:38 am
by LauraS
hey! i am new here
this post was made like 9 months ago, i hope you fixed the problem already
nice to meet you !

Re: hello group!

PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2012 5:10 am
by shotgunportfolio
Thanks for the reply! I don't browse this forum as much as I used too  I did manage to download the software after a few go, with Brian's help, however I've given up on this software, I'm not sure if it is a system set settings or just a bad software version, a few issues that I wasn't able to resolve, for example, a minor gripe; I wasn't able to change the background to a darker template, I mostly work at night, and it would be handy to have been able to activate this feature, unfortunately, mine only has the default setting on the dropdown window, I can't see the option to change it, BUT the most disappointing and what really stop me from pursuing the use of the software is, it doesn't matter in either real time midi recording of parts or step time input of notes, not a single session would pass by without a note in phrase would always not sound and I end up spending time trying to delete this note and try to reload the instance again, and also another major issue I haven't been able to figure is when I'm exporting a single line to audio the last note of the bar, even if it was a rest somehow sounds on and on, like it's been tied to a note a few more bars, even my notation does not reflect this.

I thought of upgrading to NOTION 3 BUT, I doubt I ever will after all this issues Ive experienced with the SLE! It's a real pity because this software has so much potential, I'm not aware of any notation software that has this feature and ease of use, if only it works!

Anyways thanks for the welcome and hope you have more luck!