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Miroslav Tremolo problems in notion sle and logic

Miroslav Tremolo problems in notion sle and logic

Postby Stanis » Wed Apr 27, 2011 5:34 pm

Hi guys, new to the forum here. I'm having trouble keeping the tremolo constant between bars in logic and notion sle.

For example, I have 5 bars of tremolo violins and violas, if I score them as a breve across each of the whole 5 bars then there is a gap between the bars as it seems to restart the tremolo on each new bar. If I put a tie on the notes then the tremolo fades at the end of the second bar and the remaining 3 bars are silent.

The same applies in logic with the piano roll and the score functions.

Is there a way to keep the tremolo constant and seamless between the bars using notion and or Logic?

Thanks, Stan.
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Re: Miroslav Tremolo problems in notion sle and logic

Postby mlizotte » Fri Jul 01, 2011 12:27 pm

I Stanis,

I got the same problem lately. I finally found the explanation by looking at the sample trigger by the tremolo command in notion sle. The programmers decided to use the unloop version of the tremolo sample from the Miroslav orchestra. I have no clue why they did it except, may be, a voices overflow during the playback of a looped tremolo. I suspect that because in one of my orchestral score, made using Miroslav and sibelius 6, I manually assigned the looped version of the tremolo to the strings, to discover that the tremolo were cutting when they were tie for too long. If you have a better match, since you got this problem, let me know it may help me too!

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