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Sonar 8.5 Upgrade with Notion 3 option.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:41 am
by dburns
I just bought my upgrade to Sonar 8.5 PE, and chose to add the Notion 3 option. I had never heard of your software (sorry!), and in fact just upgraded my PrintMusic software. But, Notion looks so nice I decided to give it a whirl while I could get it at such a great price. The Sonar upgrade was $99, and for $229 I could add Notion 3. So, I got Notion 3 for $129USD. :)

I haven't used notation software a lot, but I do find times when I really need it. I often want to extract a part from a MIDI file so I can read it during performance. My latest musical interest is in Ambient music, and I'm creating longer pieces, so I think Notion 3 will help me keep track of what's happening within a piece, and help me get an overall view of it as I work. Besides, I think in terms of notation, although I like using modern tools like loops and MIDI.

Sonar and Band in a Box do offer notation, but it's not all that easy to use. After seeing your videos of the clean UI in Notion, I am really looking forward to using it.

So, get those boxes out on Sep. 24!

Thanks for offering a good deal through Cakewalk. And, hello to you other forum members. :)