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No playback, and the solution

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No playback, and the solution

Postby normbear » Sun May 23, 2010 4:04 pm

Just in case someone else has this same problem...

I got to a point with a score where there was no playback. I pressed the spacebar, clicked the forward button, nothing. I tried another file and playback worked fine, so I figured this file must be corrupted. I had been working on it all day, but the latest backup I had was from last night—all today's work down the drain, or so it seemed.

Then I got the idea of copying the notes, dynamics, etc. from the corrupt file and pasting them into a duplicate of an earlier version that was working, replacing everything in the earlier one with the latest work. Success! Back to work with nothing lost!

Something to keep in mind if you run across inexplicable problems.
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