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Help with rewire

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Re: Help with rewire

Postby ulrik » Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:49 am

pcartwright wrote:Does anyone (admin, lubo, etc) know if this issue has been ironed out?

Anybody knows anything? :(
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Re: Help with rewire

Postby B33tho » Mon Mar 07, 2011 7:35 pm

I have the same problem.

Win7 64bit, Reaper 3.75 64bit, Notion

Notion doesn't show up when I load "Rewire: Notion" as a FX in Reaper. When I open it manually, the sound is full of noises with DirectSound or the playback stops to be regular with ASIO.

There are more of us:

Still no answer, I suppose?
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Re: Help with rewire

Postby Surfwhammy » Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:20 am

B33tho wrote:I have the same problem.

Win7 64bit, Reaper 3.75 64bit, Notion

Notion doesn't show up when I load "Rewire: Notion" as a FX in Reaper. When I open it manually, the sound is full of noises with DirectSound or the playback stops to be regular with ASIO.

There are more of us:

Still no answer, I suppose?

I did a few hours of testing Reaper v3.74 on the Mac with Notion 3 in a ReWire setting with no apparent success, so I switched to importing a WAVE file that I had exported from Notion 3, but the playback of the WAVE file was choppy and noisy, which as a bit troubling until I did a few more experiments and discovered the rule . . .

The exported WAVE file from Notion 3 was at standard CD quality (44.1-Hz and 16-bits) but I had the audio quality set higher in Reaper, so I set the Reaper audio quality to match the standard CD quality of the exported Notion 3 WAVE file and everything was fine . . .

Whether this applies equally to ReWire is another matter, but on the Mac it definitely applies to WAVE files . . .

I use Digital Performer 7.21 and Notion 3, where Digital Performer (MOTU) is the host controller, and it works very reliably, but there are a few caveats:

(1) There needs to be four empty measures with no music notation at the start of the Notion 3 score . . .

(2) Digital Performer must be started at the beginning of the fifth measure or later . . .

(3) It is best to avoid using ReWire channels 1 through 10, so I begin with the 11-12 ReWire channel pair . . .

(4) For what I call "heavy" VSTi instruments in Notion 3, it is best to limit the Notion 3 score to 20 to 25 instruments (total), and I do this by creating "clones" of the score, where there is a "clone" for each different section and each "clone" has perhaps 5 common VSTi instruments that serve as a reference point for tempo, synchronization, rhythm chords, and melody . . .

(5) I put the "clones" in a separate folder and I name them according to section (Percussion, Bass, Rhythm, Melody, Sparkles-1, Sparkles-2, . . . , Sparkles-10, and whatever else makes sense for the song), as well as the part of the name of the song and perhaps a date or version number. Doing it this way for a DISCO or Pop song makes it possible to have from 200 to 1,000 "heavy" VSTi instruments doing a virtual festival of stuff but essentially only 20 VSTi instruments at a time, which I record in Digital Performer via ReWire as soundbites, since by the time I have finished the first "clone" the common "reference instruments" have been recorded, so from that point forward there is no need to record the "reference instruments" again . . .

Doing it this way requires a bit of advance planning but not so much as one might imagine, really . . .


I am a huge fan of copying and pasting, as well as avoiding doing anything even remotely resembling actual work, so I might start a new song with 16 bars of something, which could be a kick drum beat or a simple melody . . .

Once that is working nicely, something else appears and after a while there is 3 minutes and 30 seconds of a basic framework, and I begin adding more instruments until there are 20 to 25 instruments . . .

When that is done I usually have enough of an idea of the song, and I ReWire the Notion 3 audio into Digital Performer as soundbites, at which point I do a bit of fine-tuning in Digital Performer with VST special effects plug-ins . . .

However, before I decided to set the upper-limit at 20 to 25 "heavy" VSTi instruments, I was able to do some songs that had as many as 50 VSTi instruments, where this is a song that currently has 42 "heavy" VSTi instruments and is done entirely in Notion 3 without the ReWIre to Digital Performer 7 step, although the exported Notion 3 WAVE file was converted to MP3 in iTunes . . .

So, the 20 to 25 "heavy" VSTi instruments per Notion 3 project file is arbitrary based on experimenting and determining that everything works very nicely at the number of instruments, ReWire channels, and so forth on the Mac with Digital Performer 7.21 as the DAW, as well as being able to have a bit of FUN with Reason 5, which is done via exporting MIDI from Notion 3 and then importing the MIDI to Reason 5, followed by doing stuff in Reason 5 and then getting the resulting Reason 5 stuff into Digital Performer via ReWire, where yet another rule is that I run everything separately except when doing the ReWire into Digital Performer step . . .

In other words, when I am working in Notion 3, it is all that is running, which is the way I work in Digital Performer, as well as Reason 5, except in these two scenarios:

(1) Digital Performer controlling Notion 3 to get the Notion 3 stuff recorded in Digital Performer as soundbites . . .

(2) Digital Performer controlling Reason 5 (Propellerhead Software) to get the Reason 5 stuff recorded in Digital Performer as soundbites . . .

Other than these two exceptions, I run everything one application at a time, since it is the best way to avoid any possible ReWire interactions, most of which tend to lock-up or crash something . . .

For reference, "sparkles" are my name for the apparently random bits of notes that appear every once in a while all over the place, which is one of the basic requirements for DISCO and Pop songs at the dawn of the early-21st century and is one of the truly stellar things that Notion 3 makes possible in a very precise way, although it takes several hours to create a full-motion "sparkle", since the notes of a full-motion "sparkle" need to be spread over as many as eight "heavy" VSTi cloned instruments, which is easier to hear than it is to comprehend, but so what . . .

So what!

And while at present a DISCO or Pop song tends to require from 250 to 500 hours of work, primarily in Notion 3, this is fine with me, since it would take considerably longer if I did it with real musicians, in which case it would not be nearly so precise or easy to do, and based on my current budget I could only afford to do one 4/4 measure, which is a bit too short for a song, really . . .


This is the first DISCO song I did, and all the instruments are done in music notation and "heavy" VSTi instruments in Notion 3 and then recorded via ReWire into Digital Performer, where it is mixed and whatever . . .

The singing is done in Digital Performer and enhanced by doing a lot of stuff in the Melodyne Editor (Celemony) . . .

I need to add real lead guitar and a few more sets of "sparkles", but it mostly is finished . . .

I took a break for a while after hearing "Hold It Against Me" (Britney Spears) to do a bit of research on getting Dubstep and Trance sounds, which was the primary motivation for getting Reason 5, and I took the opportunity to get MIDI working for the Alesis ION Analog Modeling Synthesizer that I have had for about 5 or so years . . .

During this time, I did a bit more work to make sense of some of the advanced features of SampleTank 2.5 (IK Multimedia) and realized that in some respects I should be able to do all the Dubstep and Trance stuff with the Alesis ION Analog Modeling Synthizer and the KORG Triton Music Workstation (88 Keys) in some combination with SampleTank 2.5, but there are some nice things that Reason 5 does, so I am glad that I got Reason 5 . . .

And once I designed, tested, and verified the complete system for doing state-of-the-art DISCO and Pop songs, I immediately became bored with DISCO and Pop, hence now am focusing exclusively on Post-Baroque harpsichord, which is the way it works here in the sound isolation every so often, but pretty soon I will switch back to DISCO and Pop, which is fabulous . . .

Fabulous! :)

P. S. Another possibility is to have a bit of FUN doing a 10 song album every day for 10 days with drums, bass, and guitar plus virtually incomprehensible lyrics that are screamed or mumbled incoherently and have few actual words that appear in a dictionary, which can be a "texture" thing and if done while wearing underpants made of sandpaper might be called by music historians sometime in the future, the Surf Whammys "10-Day Personal Rash" albums, really . . .

Really! :ugeek:
The Surf Whammys

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Re: Help with rewire

Postby Oliver » Thu Mar 10, 2011 12:38 pm


Now I've experienced with reason as rewire slave. It works fine in my macbook pro (4 gb RAM, core 2 duo, etc), most of the time...

BUT, sometimes notion freezes for a second or half a second and then continues very fast, as if it wanted to catch up the normal tempo again.
This happened to me also with notion as slave in reaper.

I know the discussion between Notion and Reaper devs: It's your fault, no it's yours, etc.
But we users would love to have notion/reaper working fine.
Try to fix it, please.

Remember also that Reaper is a popular DAW *without* score editor. Therefore, notions is a perfect complement of reaper.


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