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Number of ARIA players in a score

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Number of ARIA players in a score

Postby Raymond Robijns » Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:00 am

I needed a second ARIA player. Did all the right stuff to get it in the score.

ARIA player (occurrence 1) has channels 1-2, ... up to 17-18
ARIA player (occurrence 2) has channels 1-2, ... up to 11-12

In the mixer I can't see this looking at the number of "strips". So is this possible to have more than one ARIA player in the score setup? Besides that, even if I have only one and after having changed the instrument names, the mixer tells me that I have

a number of strips called "Part"
a number of strips called "ARIA player1-2,etc"

Why still having "Part-strips"?
Why not the given names"

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