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Multiple measure rests

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Multiple measure rests

Postby Ron Garrison » Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:17 am

I have a bass part that has 42 measures of rest at the beginning. I turned on the multi-measre rest and it shows up as 42 measures. So far so good. But what I really want is for it to show as 2 sets of multi-measure rests. 12 and then 30. Is this possible?

Ron Garrison
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Re: Multiple measure rests

Postby Ron Garrison » Fri May 30, 2014 8:43 pm

I'm going to bump this in hopes that someone may know how to do this. Still searching for an answer (even if the answer is "it can't be done").
Ron Garrison
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Re: Multiple measure rests

Postby Johnny » Fri May 30, 2014 11:59 pm

Hi Ron,
It can be a challenge to get the desired look and it certainly can take some trial and error.
Hope the Notion 4 file (a low detailed example) I've included will help you find a similar method to achieve your needs.

(I'm not very good at explaining step by step methods. Hope it's not too confusing or I forgot something important.)

In order to get this to work for me "If I can recall" _
In the Score -> Dynamic Parts.. -> Upright Bass (single instrument part view )
At the end of measure 12 I used "Right Click" to show the "Context Menu" ( not sure on Mac Option-Click).
I then selected_
Measure 12 -> Force New System.

Without adding any notes to the part that allowed me to separate the 12 measure "rest" section from the 30 measure "rest" section.

With the example file I've included_
_remember in order to see the Multi-measure "Upright Bass" part _

Change the "View Menu" to
** View -> Pages Across (or) View -> Pages Down **.
View - Continuous (will not display Multi-measure Rests.

Click _ Score -> Dynamic Parts... and select ( Upright Bass ).

You will find if you add or change items in the score it may not show the MM rests as you wished so you'll have to use a trial and error method to really get what you want it to look like.

Hope this will help.


12-30-42 MMeas.notion
Multi-measure rest 5-30-201
(230.65 KiB) Downloaded 219 times
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