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EWQLSOG and Notion 4: together again at last!

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EWQLSOG and Notion 4: together again at last!

Postby wizstudios » Sun Oct 06, 2013 5:09 pm

Did I miss this? I just installed the new version of PLAY from the Soundsonline downloads page and ALL MY PROBLEMS USING NOTION 4 WITH THIS PRODUCT ARE APPARENTLY OVER! After months of struggling with files not loading, calling Brian, asking questions reading everything I could find blah blah blah I can finally load an entire orchestra of Gold keyswitch instruments and the damn thing actually plays back. It sounds fantastic! East West: please, PLEASE do not eff with it again! Life is good. I was actually wrestling with Sibelius and the EW gold soundset (no sound on playback) and thinking of ditching Notion for Sib just so I could use the orchestra wanted but not any more. Whoever is responsible for this, my heartfelt thanks. Back to work! :)
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Re: EWQLSOG and Notion 4: together again at last!

Postby Admin » Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:35 am

As I was saying in the past, there have been some problems with the EastWest directory loading improperly on their end. I guess they fixed it because we did not do anything to it.

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