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Announcement: Notion Joins the Presonus Family

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Re: Announcement: Notion Joins the Presonus Family

Postby DaddyO » Fri Oct 04, 2013 9:40 am

klushund wrote:
DaddyO wrote:My DAW is Cubase. Looks like it'll be Finale technology that will eventually pull me into it's orbit.

Seems like Steinberg is working on something new. See the "Making Notes" blog.

LOL. I meant to say Sibelius, the developers of which now work for Steinberg. I'll check out the blog. Thanks.
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Re: Announcement: Notion Joins the Presonus Family

Postby elerouxx » Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:51 pm

Can't conceal I'm a little worried but I suppossed this is good news. Maybe we finally get cross-staff. Or maybe cross-staff request gets definitively archived o_O

This has lead me to take a look at PreSonus software. Lots, lots of great comments about StudioOne and the company feels pretty solid in my opinion. I hope they treat Notion as a big member of the family, and not just an addition to S1. Somehow I feel that improvements in notation (contemporary techniques, fine tuning of slurs and elements) might not be prioritized.

Many questions, no answers. Now we have to wait. I think in the meantime we should sign in to their forums.
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Re: Announcement: Notion Joins the Presonus Family

Postby ottomc » Fri Oct 11, 2013 11:08 am

I definitely subscribe to what you express, Emilo. We do not know the consequences of Notion becoming a Presonus product yet, and I am left with the same set of ambivalent feelings that you describe. On the one hand, StudioOne seems to have very happy users, and an integration between StudioOne and Notion might make these users even happier. But they mainly work within other music genres than you and me and many other happy Notion users. The musicians in those genres do not necessarily rely a lot on advanced notation features in their work, but I certainly hope that Presonus will let the Notion team keep developing the notation features in Notion, making it even better and making us love Notion even more. We know what has happened to both Sibelius and Finale, but until proved wrong I choose to have high expectations for all of us notation-centric (and other) Notion users. Presonus seems to be a very honest company, dedicated primarily to music rather than money (I hope)!

BTW, I have sent the following message to Presonus,

"I have been using Notion for a long time and love it. Many Presonus users would like an integration with StudioOne, and that´s fine. But PLEASE don´t stop developing the notation features of Notion, where there are still things to be wished for (like cross staff notation in piano parts, more flexible ways to move/adjust items and so on). For a notation-centric, mainly classicaly trained guy like me, Notion is already a dream almost come true, so please let the Notion developers keep improving Notion as an intuitive stand alone notation application (with its integrated sequencer features). This would also make the integrated StudioOne+Notion application even better. Now that the future of both Sibelius and Finale seems rather unsecure, it's the perfect moment to make Notion the leading notation application."

Best wishes to all Notion users and the Notion team,
Otto Martin Christensen
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Re: Announcement: Notion Joins the Presonus Family

Postby crosati » Fri Oct 11, 2013 1:55 pm


I agree with you completely.

If the Presonus acquisition will means a better mixer, better platform integration (AU on Mac), track/stave freeze and all the other things I've asked in the past to Notion in order to simplify my life in final mixing (each time I export manually track by track with no effects and panning, in order to perform my final mix on Logic), and at the same time maintain the easiness of producing orchestral music that only Notion has, and improve the quality of the resulting music, then I will love this acquisition.

I like Notion because it is the only product that allow me to produce easily and quickly orchestral music working in musical terms instead of technical ones. An this is its strongest point.

See also

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Re: Announcement: Notion Joins the Presonus Family

Postby Timoty » Mon Oct 14, 2013 11:15 am

I have mixed feelings here. It could really go either way, better support for our beloved Notion, or just straight up integration into Studio One.

But mixed feelings all around.

On one hand, the idea of having the intuitive notation capabilities of Notion, as well as the awesomeness of NTempo in a DAW for scoring -- well that borders on an authentic miracle. I would love it if Studio One is making a move to be a little more scoring friendly. All Notion really needed was to play a little nicer with VI and have video capability to be my main workhorse. I can't tell you how much I would love being able to conduct my mockups, I think that alone would push Studio One into the top tier for many people.

On the other side of things: Based on what I've seen from most take-overs, I could easily see Notion support disappearing until it is nothing but an additional feature in Studio One. Almost exactly what I said above with a difference in emphasis. It really all depends on what PreSonus decides to do with Notion. Do they introduce a powerful, intuitive, and well put together Notation software into S1? Do they take said Notation feature and enhance the MIDI capabilities for it? My main worry is that they'll just take some select features for a BS version of Notion inside S1. There is so much that could be done with this (for film scoring or otherwise) that I find myself just hoping beyond hoping that they get it right.

All said and done, I do expect a Notion standalone to go by the wayside, I have no doubt there.
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Re: Announcement: Notion Joins the Presonus Family

Postby faelnor » Tue Oct 15, 2013 1:29 pm

As someone who purchased Notion very recently for its simple and powerful playback capabilities and, above all, a slick engraving interface much more efficient than either Finale or Sibelius, I can't help but be a bit wary of this acquisition -- even though I'm sure it had to happen one way or another.

I know that engraving never was the ultimate goal of Notion, still, you guys have been putting together something which is such a pleasure to use, especially compared to the other big two, so immediate, responsive and stable that I'm sure that your software seems like a godsend for certain composers or music students. I'm a student of the oboe, I use the software as an accompanying instrument as well as an engraving suite for my exercises. I also have fun trying my hand at composition in my spare time. I hope the good people at Presonus keep this kind of audience in mind when thinking about the pursued development of Notion: as it is, it's not missing much to be as powerful, and so much better to use than other music notation software.

Notion is a dream almost come true for people who left Sibelius and Finale behind, and it would be truly awful to see it re-centered around its playback and live capabilities within a software DAW environment while its amazing notation features slowly slide back into oblivion.
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Re: Announcement: Notion Joins the Presonus Family

Postby elerouxx » Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:12 pm

In one thing we all agree: "Notion is a dream almost come true". :)
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Re: Announcement: Notion Joins the Presonus Family

Postby G-Sun » Sat Oct 19, 2013 7:19 am

I'm an experienced DAW-user and purchased Notion with the hopes that I could compose in Notion with aim for score-print, hear well what I was doing, and get decent audio cue-files.

The integration Notion + Studio One could be ideal,
but then again DAW-audio and Score-print are two different animals.

My first impression of Notion is positive.
There are some editing/workflow-issues and some shortcomings in features.
And for composing I'll guess I'll use DAW (Reaper), then export to Notion.
But, score-print is looking good, and I'm able to do most of what I need.

Anyway, integration Notion + Studio One could be the combo I'm looking for,
but, as the others here: For me it's most important that Notion development focuses on it's core, score and notation.

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Re: Announcement: Notion Joins the Presonus Family

Postby marcato » Sat Oct 19, 2013 9:46 pm

I installed Studio One when I acquired the PreSonus Firebox interface and I acquired Notion 3 a few weeks later.
So this news is certainly good news.
I wish to extend my 21 gun salute after this royal marriage... :-)

Greetings from Montreal!
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Re: Announcement: Notion Joins the Presonus Family

Postby guitarboss » Tue Oct 22, 2013 1:09 pm

wow, I've been using presonus for a long time! glad to hear this
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