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intelligence behind the notation algorithms?

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intelligence behind the notation algorithms?

Postby strabes » Tue Nov 17, 2009 4:59 pm

hi, I'm a potential buyer looking for the best notation software for capturing complex improv compositions at the piano. The things I've tried so far don't come close to figuring out what I'm playing--I can't even recognize the piece on the score when I'm done playing--so it's better for me to start from scratch manually. Like word processors do for spelling, grammar, format, etc. it doesn't seem it would be that difficult for notation software to have intelligence in the algorithms to follow tempo changes, gaps between left and right hand so the clef split follows your hands, fermatas, glissandos, trills, etc.

Does Notion have anything like this?
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Re: intelligence behind the notation algorithms?

Postby pianotone » Wed Nov 18, 2009 9:03 am

There is no notation program available which can do what you are asking. You would be asking the program to interpret what you are playing, calculate from your tempo changes where any new bars start and finish and then notate what you are doing in readable notation. Just not possible at the moment and unlikely I would say in the future. You can of course simply record your music in a sequencer program and then it will play back exactly what you performed. As far as notation is concerned you would have to work out the notation yourself and input in a program like Sibelius, Finale or Notion. You would have to work out tempo changes and place them in the program and any time signature changes ot tempo alterations like accelerandos or rallentandos. You would then have created a readable score of your music. Notation is a graphical representation for a performer to interpret and when music is performed no two performances would be the same anyway if played by a human.
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