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No sound on Midi keyboard

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No sound on Midi keyboard

Postby DaveElson » Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:38 pm

Just downloaded the demo and am working through the manual.
However, I am getting no sound on use of my M Audio Radium 49. I have the asio driver chosen. Demos work, and when I use a vst that has it's own keyboard, I get sound by using the mouse pointer. But no midi activity from the M Audio.
Under the Midi tab in preferences, for input device I have the following:
Focusrite Saffire (my sound card/module)
USB Keystation (M Audio).
I get nothing from any.
I have no external (midi out devices on my system).

Under general I have:
Echo Midi Input checked
Echo Note Entry checked
Echo Selection checked

All appeared as defaults so I haven't changed them.
I will continue to look at this but thought a post may provide a quicker solution.
EDIT: I knew this would happen. I changed the Performance HUD to playback and now get sound.
However, the mixer does not open. Probably me..... :D
EDIT 2..yes it was me.
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