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vsl event input plugin

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Re: vsl event input plugin

Postby alexg » Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:28 pm

Admin wrote:Hi alexg,

The Double Bass Octave Down question is solved like this:

1. Go to Score Setup
2. Click the Gear Wheel on the Double Bass staff
3. In the Staff Settings dialogue box, click Notation/Tab
4. You will see a Transposition Section in this window. Change Notated C sounds = C One Octave Lower in the three menu options that you see there.


Now to deal with rules:

- Any Instruments you have assigned in your score that are running to Vienna Event Pro Input need to use the Vienna Event Pro ID: 1986359397

- Any Instruments you have assigned in your score that are running to Vienna Ensemble Pro need to use the VE Pro ID:1987274096

You can have multiple sets of rules in one rules folder and the file hierarchy needs to be set like this:

File Hierarchy.png

Notice that I have many sets of rules. Many of the actual rules are the same, but the plugin id's are different. Keep your rule files organized and be careful what you edit.

<dynamic-map id="vsld"> Make sure the dynamic map is assigned with "xxxx" matching below
<dynamic dynamic="ppppp" value="0" />
<dynamic dynamic="pppp" value="19" />
<dynamic dynamic="ppp" value="28" />
<dynamic dynamic="pp" value="39" />
<dynamic dynamic="p" value="54" />
<dynamic dynamic="mp" value="63" />
<dynamic dynamic="mf" value="79" />
<dynamic dynamic="f" value="84" />
<dynamic dynamic="ff" value="95" />
<dynamic dynamic="fff" value="103" />
<dynamic dynamic="ffff" value="116" />
<dynamic dynamic="fffff" value="127" />

<plugin id="1986359397"> <!-- Vienna Ensemble Event Pro Input Id -->

<velocity-map id="vsld" />"xxxx" HERE
<hairpin-map id="vsld" />"xxxx" And Here
<hairpin-cc value="11" />

This setup is working for me. My dynamics and rules playback using the VE Pro Plugin ID and the VE Event Pro Plugin ID. Without looking at exactly what you are doing, it is hard to tell what might be going wrong.

I hope this helps,


I still feel like I'm swimming in molasses. Let's back up one step. What I want to do is to use the current DEFAULT rules in order to use my single instance of VE Pro 5 64 bit running 50 VI Pro instruments. To do this I've loaded 4 x Event Inputs and have added instruments to my score. I can select any instrument on my score and playback with my midi keyboard and the correct instrument is playing backing within VE Pro. So far so good.

Which rules file do I copy, edit and save into my own rules directory? From a new Notion4 installation there are some default files in the locations below. Which one do I start with?

C:\program files\Notion4\support\plugindata\vslpro_v1\rules\VSL_EnsemblePRO.prules
C:\program files\Notion4\support\plugindata\vslpro_v1\rules\VSL_InstrumentsPRO.prules
C:\program files\Notion4\support\plugindata\vslpro_v2\rules\VSL_EnsemblePRO.prules
C:\program files\Notion4\support\plugindata\vslpro_v2\rules\VSL_InstrumentsPRO.prules

What's the difference between _V1 and _V2 above? I opened up all the rules and noticed that the dynamic-map ids and plugin ids were different for the same file e.g. if you open both EnsemblePRO or both InstrumentsPRO files.

On the second issue of putting the double bass score down an octave; this doesn't work. The first thing I did was go to score setup, gear wheel,transposition section etc. but to no avail. Does this functionality rely on having the rules correctly setup?

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Re: vsl event input plugin

Postby Admin » Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:31 pm

Hi alexg,

The rules in the program files that you are speaking of are in direct correlation to the Special Edition Presets for Notion3(v1) and Notion4 (v2). If you want to use those rules, you must load the Vienna Instruments presets from the Presets Menu, which you can attain by visiting:

Once there you must click on the "Other" Tab to download presets.

Then, in your VSL Directory Manager, set the "Custom Folder" to the location in which you have stored these presets. Restart your Vienna application.

You can load these presets into the Vienna Instruments which are loaded in your Ensemble instance to playback with those rules if you copy the corresponding rules file into the folder in which your score is contained. Just make sure that if you are using the updated presets named, "Notion 4 Vienna Special Edition Updated Presets", that you are using version 2 of the rules, and vice versa.

Then you can edit the rules if you reset any of the patches in any way that you care to.

I hope this helps,

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