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Demo - Anytime soon

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Demo - Anytime soon

Postby rickshapiro » Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:04 am

I'm looking for a notation program and was strongly considering Finale or Sibelius until I found this site. I'm just concerned about the size and commitment of Notion Music. The product has been out for a while but still no signs of a demo. I'm guessing resources are being focused on bug fixes. Can anyone tell me their experience with the product, the company and their level of professionalism.
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Re: Demo - Anytime soon

Postby DaveElson » Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:17 am

I don't have any Notion products and I'm waiting for the demo too. I did read that it will be here in a matter of weeks (that was last week I think). Perhaps they are working on the demo to make sure it can't be cracked while having good functionality.
I will say that on reading many customer comments that they are held in pretty high regard imho.
Responses to questions on the forum seem to come back pretty quick too.
I have no idea how "big" a company they are compared to the opposition, but Notion 3 seems to be getting the thumbs up from those who have received it.
In the end, who knows how long a company may be around. If you like it, get it (I might ...after demoing of course).

Edit: Have a read of the reviews - one of them gave some history of the company.
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Re: Demo - Anytime soon

Postby Unfinished » Tue Oct 13, 2009 4:48 pm

Price-wise, Notion is the one to buy, simply because for most people buying the Notion 3 software new, it costs less than updating the software they own. I'm not sure whether the other companies are making ridiculous profit margins, Notion is managing to produce their product cheaply, Notion is making a loss, Notion is subsidised in some way or whatever the case is, but the fact is that it's not a huge loss it you are entirely unsatisfied with the product.

Content-wise, Notion is very good at performance. At the moment (checking the forums) there may be a few issues with sounds which are a little precarious compared to the Notion 2 sounds, but as far as I can tell, the change in sound quality and the change in the instruments you can use is definitely for the better (even if N2 customers are waiting for extended techniques they have only in Notion 2 at the moment). The software pretty much covers all the bases in terms of what you expect in a music software for written (/printed) scores - you should find you can't write a sign for a mordent or a turn, for example, but the techniques it includes it will actually play (vs. Sibelius' policy of writing in a mordent sign but not actually playing it). It is quite hard trying to find ways in which other music softwares undermine Notion in what they offer. Sibelius offers a little more compatibility and is in some instances easier to move about and tweak around (ie. I have not, as of yet, found a way to compact the score into as few pages as possible or how to make it so that every line of music contains only the instruments that are playing).

The actual company is outstanding in terms of how they treat their customers. Any bug submission will be swiftly addressed and technical support is quite on the ball (where you find in other companies - ones with a huge number of customers - technical support takes a while to respond). As we have seen, they are loyal to their customers (all N2 customers have been offered a free* copy of Notion 3 to own!? *=charged only for shipping/tax).

In terms of value (altogether worth), Notion 3 is a very smart choice. It is not too expensive, it is really a program worth having and you will probably rely on it quite a lot if you do buy it and the customer service is good to say the least. Compare this to Sibelius, for example, for which the update from 5 to 6 costs more, contains relatively little extra features/improvements and the customer service isn't quite as good.

The other thing is that the quality of sound does actually help a huge amount when composing. Even where the program will not be used in a live performance or in any way where good sound quality is a significant factor to its use, the fact that Notion has far better sound quality than other softwares (not to mention any names this time round) really helps you hear what you want it to sounds like and it just helps you move forward with it. Essentially, the good-quality sound Notion 3 gives you helps you compose better-quality music. It doesn't necessarily make you better at composing (that's a slightly different matter), all I'm saying is that hearing your score fairly realistically performed helps you react in a way you might not if you get a flat and synthesized performance.

Finally, Notion has got to be good because even if I am biased about how good Notion is, if it is making unsuspecting customers like me write as I have just done selling the product (instead, in my case, of completing an English essay I have to do for tomorrow :shock: ) then the chances are that Notion is actually quite favourable to other alternatives.
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Re: Demo - Anytime soon

Postby astinov » Wed Oct 14, 2009 1:17 pm

Thank you guys, for the kind words and all.

Yes we are working towards a demo, hopefully we'll get that to you soon.


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