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working with Coda markings

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working with Coda markings

Postby OMNICELL » Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:26 pm

From the Index:
To have these marks work, you must follow a few guidelines:

♦ Segno, Coda, To Coda, and Fine don’t have any function unless you placed one of the four D.C./D.S. options in the file.
♦ D.C. al Fine requires a Fine mark in the file, or it won’t do anything. ♦ D.C. al Coda requires both Coda and To Coda in the file. ♦ D.S. al Fine requires both a Segno and Fine mark in the file. ♦ D.S. al Coda requires a Segno, a Coda, and a To Coda in the file.

First: How do I place D.C/D.S option in the file? Does this mean, on the page as a symbol.

What is a "fine" mark

Iv'e tried to make the Coda stuff work; meaning to play back. Im missing something obvious about the whole procedure.

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Re: working with Coda markings

Postby thorrild » Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:34 am

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Dear Omnicell,

All of this can be looked up in any standard reference book on music, or on the internet. Maybe you should try that in order to "make the Coda stuff work." Nevertheless, here's some info:

"D.C." is short for the Italian term "Da Capo," which means "from the top." "D.S." is short for "Dal Segno," which means "from the sign." In a score, a Segno looks like the graphic attached at the top of this message. "Fine" is Italian for "the end." "Coda" is Italian for "tail." It means that the score has a special ending that the player must jump to and play after all internal repeats are finished.

So, if a score of 10 bars has a "Fine" at bar 8 and a "D.C. al fine" at the end of bar 10, it means: Play bar 1 through 10, then repeat from bar 1 and end the piece at bar 8.

If a 10-bar score has a Segno at bar 8 and a "D.S. al fine" at the end of bar 10, it means: Play bar 1 through 10, then play from the Sign (bar 8) to the end (bar 10).

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