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Observations on Vista64 + Play + Jbridge

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Observations on Vista64 + Play + Jbridge

Postby solo1 » Thu Oct 08, 2009 7:51 am

Well, my bubble burst this morning when I was attempting to load up a full orchestral Play template with a Jbridged Play_x64. I had only loaded the string ensembles and brass ensembles and was at 95% memory usage. This on a Vista 64 CoreI7 12gig ram machine.

Next, I loaded up all the Play Keyswitch masters doing the same and barely came out to 35% memory usage.

My question is why are the Notion Play plugin presets simply not using the KeySwitch masters for each instrument?

Notion has built these huge presets but I simply cannot see the advantge of these over Play's KS masters. The fact I can't load a full template sort of makes this feature unusable (unless I double my ram.)

Any chance you could reprogram these to use the Key switch patches rather than program changes?
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Re: Observations on Vista64 + Play + Jbridge

Postby mkiz » Sat Oct 10, 2009 5:42 pm

I have been having problems with excessive RAM usage as well. I noticed that the engine level for the PLAY presets was set to 5, the most RAM intensive...I am going to try reducing that to see if I can get better results...
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Re: Observations on Vista64 + Play + Jbridge

Postby mbeaumont » Sat Oct 10, 2009 6:08 pm

Jbridge Fixed
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Re: Observations on Vista64 + Play + Jbridge

Postby dgriffee » Sun Oct 11, 2009 5:41 am

...curiosity & intuition got me wondering about some very interesting looking xml files I had noticed back when I first perused the Notion installation directory when I first bought the program. So tonight I went back and had another looksee, and hey whatdya know the config settings appear very figureoutable if you bold enough to fiddle with a copy of the xml files. Compare the way the Notion folks handled articulations for EWQL versus the way they did it for VSL in the following two xml config files:
Program Files\Notion 3\Support\PluginData\EWQL\Rules\EWQL_Platinum.prules
Program Files\Notion 3\Support\PluginData\VSL\VSL_instruments.prules

hmmm, i just guessing here, but it sure does look very much like the folks at Notion who created the presets handled all the articulations for VSL using keyswitches. No idea why same approach not used in the Notion presets for EWQL, but I'd bet a few hours of fiddling that it might be very possible to come up with an EWQL keyswitching rules file and resave the corresponding notion files with the EWQL keswitch masters instead.

Hopefully maybe someone at NotionMusic may already be onto this, else maybe we can do it ourselves. Time to experiment...
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Re: Observations on Vista64 + Play + Jbridge

Postby solo1 » Sun Oct 11, 2009 9:16 am


You're onto something and this also answers my other post about rules. I've been fiddling with it for a couple hours, substituting the EWQL for the VSL, changing IDs, changing the keyswitch midi number, but nothing seems to work.

If we could get the key-switch to work then you could load up one instance of Play with all the string master Key switches and save a ton of ram.

I think this is what Lubo's planning on showing us when he returns. But some of us just a need a little more info. For instance 'Pizz' on the EWSO Violins should be midi '38' = D1 but mine's not working. Anyhow...

And I think VSL Ensemble doesn't except channel changes the same way because it is a VST3 instrument. Though I believe you can change this by lessening the port numbers. But this is all a little complicated. I just want to write music.

I'll keep at it though and if I find something I'll post.


**Edit** Okay I found a couple of mistakes on my part and corrected them. I think it might be helpful to start a 'Rules' thread. Which I'll do.
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