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Vocal VST plug in

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Vocal VST plug in

Postby ziggystar » Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:50 am

hello, i'm new to this forum, so forgive me if i am posting in the wrong spot or if the question i am asking has been thoroughly covered. i'm scoring some vocal music and wondered if there ares any good vocal vst's available to plug into notion3? i searched the forum and found not a single mention of this, so i thought a new thread was a good idea. i have never used any vst's other then the ones included with notion3.
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Re: Vocal VST plug in

Postby pcartwright » Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:53 am

Do you mean vocal sounds, or vocal playback effects?
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Re: Vocal VST plug in

Postby ziggystar » Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:24 am

hi pc, thanks for the reply. i am wondering if there are either vocal sounds without phonation or vocal sounds with phonation available. i believe the vocal sounds in notion3 are piano sounds. when playing back a vocal piece accompanied by piano, for example, it would be nice to have some distinction between the two.
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Re: Vocal VST plug in

Postby Surfwhammy » Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:08 am

Several of the IK Multimedia VSTi virtual instruments have elaborate vocal libraries (Miroslav Philharmonik, SampleTank XL, Sonik Synth 2), and this month (March 2012) you can get all the IK Multimedia VSTi virtual instruments in the Total Workstation 2 Bundle at a 50 percent discount, which maps to the price being $199 (US), but if you purchase the AmpliTube for iPhone app at the iTunes Store on or before March 12, 2012 for 50 percent off, which maps to $9.99 plus sales tax and register it, then you qualify for the "Crossgrade for All" policy, at which time you can get the Total Workstation 2 Bundle for $149 (US), which for reference you can do regardless of whether you actually own an iPhone or iPod touch . . .

[NOTE: There are additional VSTi virtual instruments in the Total Workstation 2 Bundle, so it is more than just the three I listed (see above) . . . ]

Total Workstation 2 Bundle (IK Multimedia)

And you get IK Multimedia JAM Points for the purchase, which you then can use to save money on purchase of the "Vocal Collection" Multi-Sampled Instrument Collection, which is one of the add-on sound sample libraries for Xpansion Tank 2, where how much you save depends on how many JAM Points you have, but the maximum is 50 percent, which is $24 (US), making the purchase price $25.99 (US), since the MSRP is $49.99 (US) and JAM Points are in whole dollars, so $25 (US) is more than 50 percent, hence you need to use $24 (US) or less in JAM Points, which makes sense if you think about it for a while . . .

Xpansion Tank 2 (IK Multimedia)

For reference, I have all the IK Multimedia VSTi virtual instruments and, in fact, everything that IK Multimedia makes for computers, including the hardware devices (ARC System and the full AmpliTube Pedal rig), and all of it works very nicely with NOTION 3 . . .

There are enough vocal sound samples to construct words and phrases, and the level of detail includes vowels, consonants, and all that stuff, but there also are "oohs", "aahs", and similar types of typical background singing stuff . . .

And it is useful to know that T-RackS 3.5 Deluxe--which is used for mixing and mastering--is on sale this month (March 2012), where the crossgrade price is $99 (US), and since it is part of a "Group Buy" extravaganza you get one advanced T-RackS Single VST plug-in as a bonus, and once 2,000 people participate in the "Group Buy", you get a second advanced T-RackS Single VST plug-in as a bonus, which maps to getting everything for T-RackS for $99 (US), where the MSRP for all the T-RackS stuff is approximately $700 (US), which makes this a stellar discount, which is fabulous . . .

T-RackS 3.5 Deluxe "Group Buy" Extravaganza (IK Multimedia)

Fabulous! :D

P. S. For reference, I do not work for IK Multimedia, but I use their products; recommend their products; and think that this is a stellar opportunity to make some very smart purchases VST effects plug-ins and VSTi virtual instruments and sample sound libraries at vast discounts . . .

And these products work with Windows and Mac OS X . . .

I do everything on the Mac, but NOTION 3 and the IK Multimedia products work nicely on Windows machines, which is great . . .

Great! :ugeek:

P. P. S. These are some but not all of the vocal samples from the Xpansion Tank 2 "Vocals Collection" Multi-Sampled Instrument Collection, and they are "played" via music notation, where the specific pitch of the note in music notation provides more detailed control of the way the "voice" sounds, what it does, and so forth, which for example is that way drumkit samples are controlled in SampleTank, where there are two adjacent semitones for each drum and cymbal, so that on a keyboard you can do drum rolls and various rhythms with your fingers, which when SampleTank is operating in MIDI mode and you are playing the notes on a MIDI keyboard can be recorded in NOTION 3 as MIDI instructions, which once recorded you can convert to music notation automatically, which basically is mind-boggling, really . . .

Parent Patches:

70s Bright Aahs
Aaah Choir
Beach Boys 2 Men
Choir Symphony
Don't Cry
English Aah choir
Female Aahs
Female Oos
Fluffy Voicepad
Full Aahs Fast
Full Aahs
Full Oos Fast
Full Oos
Gregorian Pad
GS BreathYah
Jason Oos
Jelly Queen
Male Voice Choir
Mixed Decision
OctChoir Aahs
OctChoir Oos
Oo-Ah Feeling
Phil Larry Oos
RM Breathah
Roger Aahs Fast
Roger Duo Aahs
Roger Duo Oos
Roger Oos Fast
Soft Aahs
Soft Oo Pad
Sonia Vox Aahs
Sonia Vox Oos
Spacey Voice
Stereo Hmms
TrevorH Voicepad
Trio Aahs
Trio Oos
Vel Oos
Very Nice
VibAahs Ens
VibOos Ens
Vintage Dahs
Vocoder Aah
Voice of Prophet
Wall of Oos
Warmvoxy Pad

Child Patches:

70s Bright Aahs Rev
Aaah Choir Rev
Afterglow Rev
Airvox Rev
Ambiana Rev
Beach Boys 2 Men Rev
Choir Symphony Rev
Dont Cry Rev
English Aah Choir Rev
Femal Aahs Rev
Female Oos Rev
Fluffy Voicepad Rev
Full Aahs Fast Rev
Full Aahs Rev
Full Oos Fast Rev
Full Oos Rev
Gregorian Pad Rev
GS BreathYah Rev
Jason Oos Rev
Jelly Queen Rev
Lushooshs Rev
Male Voice Choir Rev
Mixed Decision Rev
OctChoir Aahs Rev
OctChoir Oos Rev
Oo-Ah Feeling Rev
Phil Larry Oos Rev
Philotron Rev
RM Breathah Rev
Roger Aahs Fast Rev
Roger Duo Aahs Rev
Roger Duo Oos Rev
Roger Oos Fast Rev
Soft Aahs Rev
Soft Oo Pad Rev
Sonia Vox Aahs Rev
Sonia Vox Oos Rev
Spacey Voice Rev
Stereo Hmms Rev
SynVocal Rev
TrevorH Voicepad Rev
Trio Aahs Rev
Trio Oos Rev
Vel Oos Rev
Vel-Oo-Ness Rev
Very Nice Rev
VibAahs Ens Rev
VibOos Ens Rev
Vintage Dahs Rev
Vocoder Aah Rev
Voice of Prohpet Rev
VoiceOos Rev
Wall of Oos Rev
Warmvoxy Pad Rev
Wuther-Glow Rev

Really! :ugeek:

P. P. P. S. There are other VSTi virtual instruments that have extensive vocal libraries, but I like IK Multimedia products, because (a) they are excellent and (b) when IK Multimedia has one of its "Group Buy" extravaganzas and vast discount promotions, you can get their products at very affordable prices . . .

EWQL has a stellar vocal library ("Voice of Passion) . . .

[NOTE: As best as I can determine, you probably have heard some of these vocal samples in the soundtracks of major motion pictures, although it might be the voices of the singers who sang songs for major motion pictures, but so what . . . ]

Voices of Passion (EWQL)

And there are vocal libraries for Kontakt (Native Instruments), which is another VSTi virtual instrument I use here in the sound isolation studio, although I had to wait for a while before it was on sale at a 50 percent discount, which eventually happened last year for a few days after Thanksgiving, and then Bolder Sounds had a discount sale on the hand bells library, which included a free bonus library, so I got their crystal glasses library, which is fabulous . . .

[NOTE: The way thing work in the Kontakt universe is that there are a lot of third-party sound sample libraries, which maps to a deep and rich festival of instruments and voices, including at the more surreal side of the spectrum a library of washing machine and dryer sounds and a fantastic library of full-range hand bells (a personal favorite) . . . :lol: ]

Vocal Libraries for Kontakt (Native Instruments)

Handbells V2 for Kontakt 3+ (Bolder Sounds)

Fabulous! :D

P. P. P. P. S. One of the great aspects of NOTION 3 is that it supports VSTi virtual instruments, which maps to being able to have an orchestra with several million instruments, voices, and lots of other stuff, which if you count custom patches and user-defined presets probably is in the range of billions of instruments, voices, and so forth, which is truly mind-boggling . . .

Mind-boggling! :ugeek:

P. P. P. P. P. S. I have been enjoying a lot of very strong coffee, and one of the things that happens when I consume vast quantities of Massimo Zanetti Master Chef® coffee made in the ratio of 1/2 cup of ground coffee to 12 ounces of water at the ideal brewing temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit is that either (a) I compose a silly DISCO or Pop song, typically about ladies underpants, or (b) I get into a loop where I continually add post scripts to my replies, which is a bit strange, but it works for me . . .


[NOTE: This song--which was inspired by being vastly annoyed by the lyric "I want your everything as long as it's free" in "Bad Romance" (Lady Gaga)--is done with IK Multimedia VSTi virtual instruments and music notation in NOTION 3, where the NOTION 3 generated audio is recorded as soundbites in Digital Performer 7.24 (MOTU) via ReWire, but the singing is recorded in Digital Performer 7.24, and there are several hundred instruments, since a lot of them are "sparkled", which is the name I use for the technique that puts individual notes into motion across the "rainbow panning arc". This is a headphone mix, and it is a bit hot. It was done before I switched to doing loudspeaker mixing and mastering, but so what . . . ]

"I'm Going Goo-Goo Over Ga-Ga" (The Surf Whammys) -- MP3 (9.6MB, 290-kbps [VBR], approximately 4 minutes and 30 seconds)

P. P. P. P. P. P. S. Really! :lol:
The Surf Whammys

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