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Staccato much too short

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Staccato much too short

Postby tdwyer » Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:20 am


I'm a newbie trying out the Notion demo.

I can import a MusXML file succesfsully and most things play back OK but if there is a staccato dot on a note it plays back ludicrously short - even if there is also a slur over the dotted notes.

Is there any way of lengthening the normal staccato playback?

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Re: Staccato much too short

Postby robsogge » Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:19 pm

I think that can be done via scripting... I'm no expert though, there are users here very good at writing prules as they are called. They basically control the behavior of instruments in relation to graphical signs...
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Re: Staccato much too short

Postby Surfwhammy » Thu Jan 05, 2012 6:15 pm

tdwyer wrote:Is there any way of lengthening the normal staccato playback?

There are different types of staccato, which range from graceful to extreme, and you can find them in the articulation palette . . .

And it also depends on the particular sound samples being used . . .

One of the nice things about NOTION 3 is that it supports VSTi virtual instruments, which maps to a festival of virtual instrument sound sample libraries being available, some of which are highly specialized and tend to cost a lot, but there are other libraries that are not so expensive . . .

Lots of FUN! :)

P. S. As an example of a highly specialized VSTi virtual instrument, I like handbells and crystal glasses, so after doing a bit of research while replying to a question in this FORUM I discovered Bolder Sounds, which has a stellar set of handbells and crystal glasses sound samples for Kontakt, which with a bit of serendipity resulted in purchasing Kontakt at a 50 percent discount and doing a "buy one, get one free" thing for the Bolder Sounds sound samples, all of which cost approximately $325, but I now have some stellar handbells and crystal glasses, and they work wonderfully with NOTION 3 . . .

Some of the high-end sound sample libraries cost thousands of dollars, so it depends both on your budget and what you need to do, where the important thing from my perspective is that you have options with NOTION 3 . . .

You might not need any of the options, but it is good to know that they are there if you need them . . .
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