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Had a registration problem

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Had a registration problem

Postby The Glow Inc. » Mon Dec 26, 2011 7:47 am


I seem to have a big problem with the registration process because right after installation it asked me to activate the software so I used the code that came within the box.

I received an email.

However, now, it keeps asking for it every time I launch Notion 3 and says the code has already been used which means I can only use Notion 3 in demo mode for the next...thirteen days, which sucks because I love that software so far.

I think it has either to do with the update ( downloaded the update and installed it and it started asking me for that serial key once again right after that ) or with the fact that I had tried the demo before installing the full software ( even though I made sure it was entirely uninstalled properly ).

I tried to deactivate that license through License Manager but it says that "This Program is not licensed on that computer"...

I made sure I uninstalled it before installing Notion 3 though...

I've already sent a ticket to support but since it's Christmas and everything, I don't expect an answer soon so I figured I might post here just in case someone knows what to do...

Cheers !
The Glow Inc.
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Re: Had a registration problem

Postby Surfwhammy » Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:43 pm

This is a known problem with the update that happens sometimes, and it requires Notion Music Customer Support to resolve, since as best as I can determine something needs to be done to reset codes or keys on the license database server at Notion Music, which only they can do . . .

In other words, you are doing the right thing in contacting Notion Music Customer Support, which in this instance is done best by telephone, although if you are not in the US it probably can be done via email and trouble ticket unless you have a calling plan that allows inexpensive international calls . . .

Lots of FUN . . .

P. S. This is annoying, but on the good side it is easy for Notion Music Customer Support to fix, and you will enjoy NOTION 3 . . .

If it is not resolved by the time the DEMO version expires, then you might switch focus to making sense of SampleTank FREE (IK Multimedia) for a few days, since it is VSTi virtual instrument and works very nicely with NOTION 3, and it is useful to know that every so often IK Multimedia has a "group buy" promotion, where depending on the number of people who buy something the number of free products increases, although there are no guarantees that IK Multimedia will continue having "group buy" promotions. Their virtual instruments are excellent, as is their mixing and mastering software (T-RackS 3 Deluxe), so it makes a bit of sense to do some planning before purchasing a lot of stuff, although the workstation bundles are attractively priced all the time, and you can check the announcements at the IK Multimedia FORUM and at their website for discounts, promotions, and so forth, and their products work both on the Mac and in Windows. IK Multimedia also has some interesting products for the iPad, as does Notion Music, where specifically Notion Music has a guitar composition app for the iPad and a version of NOTION for the iPad (just released) . . .

SampleTank FREE (IK Multimedia)

IK Multimedia FORUM

If you are interested in DISCO, Heavy Metal, Pop, and Rock genres, they XLN Audio has a free version of Addictive Drums that works nicely with NOTION 3, since it is a VSTi virtual instrument. It has a basic drumkit (kick drum, snare drum, hi-hats, and crash cymbal), and if you use the various Latin percussion instruments that are bundled with NOTION 3, you also can do Latin rhythms, for sure . . .

Addictive Drums DEMO Version (XLN Audio)

For sure! :D
The Surf Whammys

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