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Postby Surfwhammy » Fri Jul 29, 2011 8:49 pm

It can be a bit difficult to determine the correct way to read written words, so my general strategy is to be gracious, which tends to work nicely . . . :)

These are the key bits of information from my perspective:

(1) Since new Apple computers have Mac OS X Lion installed, it makes sense for NOTION to run correctly on Mac OS X Lion, especially considering the apparent focus on doing iPad applications, which if nothing else is not nearly so annoying as IK Multimedia's current focus on doing iPhone and iPod touch applications and hardware attachments, which I understand from the perspective of expanding into new markets and generating more revenue but overall does nothing of value for me here in the sound isolation studio on the 2.8-GHz 8-core Mac Pro . . .

(2) NOTION needs to be 64-bits on the Mac, and by "64 bits" I am not referring to being "64-bit compatible", which basically involves little more than changing a compiler option and making a few infrastructure adjustments when an application already is correctly coded to generally accepted standards. Most likely, doing a true 64-bit application will require redesigning and reprogramming, but regardless it needs to happen reasonably soon, which from my perspective maps to within 12 months . . .

(3) NOTION needs quite a few "advanced smarts", since a lot of the things one does with music notation in Notion 3 can be moved to a higher level easily with a bit of artificial intelligence and creative use of relational database techniques, where for example it is not difficult to do the infrastructure required to enable selecting predefined instrumental parts, musical phrases, and so forth from a musical phrase palette or something similar, which makes a lot more sense than entering notes one at a time for the types of musical phrases that appear in popular songs and so forth . . .

(4) NOTION needs to be able to handle considerably more than 20 to 25 "heavy" VSTi virtual instruments, which actually is part of the 64-bits requirement. I devised a workaround, which basically is to have a set of synchronized NOTION project files, each of which has perhaps 5 common instrument parts that I use as guides to know where verses, choruses, bridges, and interludes start and end, as well as to have a reference for the basic rhythm and melody, but having everything in one NOTION project will be a lot easier . . .

(5) Although at present I am not doing anything with synchronized audio and video, I see the need to have all the synchronizing and timeline stuff or at least some way of having NOTION interact with a digital audio workstation (DAW) application which has all that stuff, where I think the latter solution makes more sense, since there are several DAW application that have all the required stuff for doing audio work cooperatively with Final Cut Studio, although part of the problem is that the Propellerhead Software folks have not done a 64-bit version of ReWire, which appears to be the most logical way to interact with a DAW application . . .

Lots of FUN! :)
The Surf Whammys

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Postby pcartwright » Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:25 pm

posssu wrote:Come one guys, I don't see where he was being rude. To me it sounded like a frustrated scream for a new version and a software update. He was even willing to pay more for it! Not every post on forum needs to be wrapped in cotton. You all should really visit Ableton forum and read how people write there. You're even allowed to criticize Ableton Live freely if you have a good point and really want a discussion instead of just ranting. And all this creates a healthy community and discussion where people feel they are free to post and good discussions emerge.

My point being one should be allowed to write like this without being accused of being rude. Rude is getting personal, rude is using bad words. He (or she?) did neither of those, he was just wishing for a software update and even willing to pay more for it. And to be honest, so am I! :) Keep the focus on the product.

Personally, I think frequently using all caps (ie "NOW... NOW... NOW...") is rude and a breach of etiquette (it indicates shouting). There have been pushes for updates and additional features; however, it seems these other requests on other threads have been more diplomatic than the OP. I have a young cousin that goes around yelling "NOW NOW NOW," so maybe I should have used the word "childish" if not "rude."

People are certainly free to complain and make requests (I know I have been frustrated with the lack of certain features), but there are better ways of showing your support for a product and hope for an update than making oneself look silly.
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Postby themeworks » Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:15 am

Chaps, blokes, gents and ladies.

Call me silly. Call me rude. But this product doth need a swift kick.

My LOUD caps typing was a device on purpose - fueled by my fresh multi-hour experience of downloading, installing, booting and tearing my hair out regarding Sibelius 7. I was so moved, so incensed, so passionately motivated, I went directly to this hallowed forum to vent my frustration, adulation and anticipation with/for Notion "4", Lion support and the aforementioned features.

My thanks to the supporters and fellow wishers. Let's urge the folks at Notion to get us a great new version of this product by voicing our NEEDS (oops, caps again) - i.e. please divert a tad of energy from making iPad apps -- and focus on us real composers, your base. The Sibelius stumble is your moment to take the space. Take it.

To my detractors, thanks for your thoughts - but in the words of the other poster - toughen up. Everyone can have their opinion - even you! As he/she said, I invite you guys to venture out to other posts, blogs, forums once in a while - thicken your skin - debate, argue the merits, don't just call people silly or rude who are passionate about their feelings on the product. And frankly, netiquette is overrated. Don't be so sensitive. That's exactly what this forum is for - feedback for Notion and community interaction on the product. CAPS, demands, exhortations, observations and all. I was far from rude, and silly - sheesh - I was passionate. Did you create Notion? Oh yeah, you are a user. So why again where you incensed by my post? Let Notion tell me to pipe down -- if they feel so inclined -- otherwise, let them accept good, aggressive and vital user feedback.

Passion is what makes products like this. Squeaky wheels get grease. Voices are to be heard. Notion will do what it wants, but I sure bet they want to know what you and I want from them - early and often. Care to join me? Show a bit o' fire in that belly? Do you believe in this product? Show it. I did. In my own way. Like it, lump it - but silly and rude, it is not.

So, I patiently await Lion support, new features and continued support and excellence from my notation tool of choice. Also, I am currently deleting the 40GB monster that is/was Sibelius 7. Boo Avid. Boo.

Go Notion!

Cheerio. Make music.
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Postby TOSCANINI » Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:23 am

I'm agree with you. Buy Notion 3 few month ago, and was astonished by this program ! I immediatly stop working with sibelius since this day... But now, i thinking take a look on the new sibelus with soundsets and maybe switch to it for major works...

Because the lack of update, and mostly the lack of information about the future of Notion make me sad.

I unterstand the "NOW" because so much people in this forum use te "PLEASE" and never have a major information about updates.

So i'm agree with your first post... i wish not...
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Postby Tralen » Sat Jul 30, 2011 2:24 pm


I'm really new to Notion (still on the demo), but I would like to add my voice for this software. I tried Notion a long time ago (they shipped a DVD to my house!), but it didn't caught my attention, I was working very deep with Sibelius at the time. Now, with the new implementation of Sibelius and all, I decided to give Notion a second chance, and I have to say, Notion is suberb.
I'm having such a good time creating rules for my libraries and composing, in a way that I thought was long since lost. I'm being really honest, sitting to compose with Notion has become a moment of Joy. I'm really inclined to buy it, and I believe I will regardless, BUT, I'm beggining to perceive the feeling of abandonment you guys must be sensing.

Sibelius 7 upgrade goes for $150, Notion 3 goes for $250. I really don't want to give more money to Avid, but I also don't want to place all my heart in migrating my work to Notion, only to realize later that is has no future. So, there isn't anything in the works? No plans for Notion 4? The only dev response was about making software for Ipad? I'm not even a customer yet, but I'm already agreeing with the OP.

Oh, I would just like to remember that "Avid" means "Greedy".
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Postby wcreed51 » Sat Jul 30, 2011 4:44 pm

There used to be a VERY attractive crossgrade price. You might want to inquire...
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Postby TOSCANINI » Sat Jul 30, 2011 6:12 pm

I prefer gave my money to Notion rather than Sibelius! But no 64 bit, no Kontakt, no Symphobia, no vsl downloaded instruments, no LASS... and no information, if they tell us than, even in 6 month we have this and this, i'll be happy, and be happy to pay for it !

Bu it's seems to me that the Notion staff have no more interest in notion... Only on ipad stuff.

I think 11 updates from october 2009 to november 2010... and none since

Let's get serious, the problem with lion update... people here can't work anymore and not a word from notion staff about it on the the website ! Just informations from user's !!!

For this moment i wait... i realy hope for an information about updates and future of Notion.

Because i love that program and i believe the Notion staff where able to make it so much better...

If they wan't !
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Postby Francois2010 » Sun Jul 31, 2011 11:16 am

In at least one other site, which is far from Notion3, I observe a similar phenomenon. Programmers seem to be attracted by new and neglect the basics of the software. Notion3 is excellent but needs a better communication between administrators and users. I have already made ​​suggestions about it. There were promises but no actions. This is not so complicated .... I suggested a little blog, for example: Notion3-Last News... It is better to say that there is no news than say nothing!

IPad development is probably important and necessary but I'm wondering how many composers are working on their iPad? It does certainly not work exclusively on their iPad

The energy expended by iPad seems disproportionate.

To maintain good contact with the members I have also suggested that it is better to make small updates than waiting for months for huge updates.

THERE IS ALSO another phenomenon: some members are a defender of the software and read critics like a personal attack. This is unnecessary and does not advance the debate ..

Except for these few remarks, the work is remarkable in Notion3!
I love Notion ! I love to compose !
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Postby pcartwright » Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:51 pm

Francois2010 wrote:THERE IS ALSO another phenomenon: some members are a defender of the software and read critics like a personal attack. This is unnecessary and does not advance the debate ..

I've certainly expressed my frustrations with the lack of features/updates, but I do so in a more civil manner. I would argue that poor forum etiquette does not advance debate.
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Postby Funkybot » Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:54 pm

wcreed51 wrote:There used to be a VERY attractive crossgrade price. You might want to inquire...

There still is...

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