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A few questions about Auditioning Input

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A few questions about Auditioning Input

Postby jpettit » Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:28 pm

I have a few questions about Auditioning input. As a novice music notation writer I often rely on the ability to hear the note as I put them on the staff.

1) Does Notion require you to hit the "A" key each time to hear a note about to be dropped or can I press "A" then audition the note as a drag it across lines on the staff?

2) Does the audition play the note back at the defined note duration or just play back as a quarter notes as many other Notation programs do?

3) I am assuming if you are recording MIDI input in realtime the note duration is calculated?

4) Does MIDI input echo the note as they are played? (assuming yes)

5) Do Notion 2 users find the red notes that exceed the measure count a more useful and intuitive way to write and adjust timing etc than the more traditional mode where the computer automatically jumps you to the next measure when you have reached the measure count?

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