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NOTION 3 "wish list"

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Re: NOTION 3 "wish list"

Postby frivo » Tue Sep 29, 2009 5:55 pm

I read with interest what posssu wrote above. This is also what I am interested in.

I also followed a thread in another forum, with the same subject: ... post633182

Here i came with an idea to solve the problem with independent rhythm of notes and midi. Maybe this will be good to fill the gap between notation and sequencing?
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Re: NOTION 3 "wish list"

Postby posssu » Tue Sep 29, 2009 6:13 pm

Yes, this sounds like a good way to do this. And actually what you're saying (and I also thought about afterwards) is that the midi notation and score notation are actually the same. The programmed midi-data would always be the one that would be played, just as it is in the sequencers. Notation is just a visual representation of your performance, which you're allowed to clean up without altering the actual performance. When you think of it, usually the score notation is just a cleaner version of the midi, so if the score would do some auto-quantization and allow the offset-values you're suggesting without altering the actual performance on the midi-track, this could work just fine.

But one of the problems that comes when the midi-notes are hard-linked to the notation is with sound libraries that are actually played differently than notated. For example LA Scoring strings. They have this awesome rhythmic mode where you can play very fast passages by holding sustain-pedal and Kontakt plays the preprogrammed pattern. If you want to use this mode, you have to play the midi and have a completely different notation after that.

When thinking of this kind of situation, it would seem better that the midi data is converted to notation and it's just a conversion, not linked data. But even though in this specific situation it would seem better, I'd still prefer your linked solution, since having to convert and keep two tracks synced manually is a lot more work in the long run. The situation above could be then solved by creating a hidden track that would contain the actual performance for this particular place. OR you could just program the sequence manually by writing out the pattern, too. It's not THAT much work in the age of copy-paste.
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