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MIDI question: RealGuitar .mid patterns

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MIDI question: RealGuitar .mid patterns

Postby edbradburn » Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:26 pm

Hi Folks,

I've been playing around with RealGuitar and really like it, but have come across a problem when trying to get its patterns to work with Notion.

Basically, the idea is that RG2 can export a pattern file that you can then use to "drive" a chords track (also in MIDI format).

Now I am not sure if MIDI is a strong point for Notion (and I didn't originally buy Notion for that), but has anyone got an idea on how this might be made to work?

What I am stuck on is how to get one track to "mix" with the other. The pattern demo from RG has two MIDI tracks: "chords" and "pattern". I have imported the MIDI file OK and can get one or the other to play (plucked chords or a monotone riff) but not together. Or, rather, if I get both of them to play, then the result is a mess: they each play separately but not together.

I have fiddled around with the Staff VSTi thing but try as I might, I can't get it to work.

Am I attempting the impossible or just clueless? :)

Any ideas welcome...
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