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Exporting to Sibelius

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Exporting to Sibelius

Postby SamGarnerStudios » Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:15 pm

I love composing in Notion, I don't think I'll ever be able to compose in Sibelius or Finale again. But I still need Sibelius for tweaking and making a printable score. Is there any T&T on setting stuff up on the Notion side and the Sibelius side to making the import/export easier.
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Re: Exporting to Sibelius

Postby elerouxx » Sun Sep 08, 2013 8:08 pm

I can't help you specifically with Sibelius. But I use a similar workflow with Finale.

I do most of my work in Notion, but because of something missing here or there (courtesy signatures, cross staff, bad tuplets, contemporary notation...) my current workflow is to compose in Notion and finish the score in Finale. I see Notion as a composer's tool more than a score editor, even while the score is beautiful and perfectly printable for many pieces.

Once in finale, I usually have to reedit quite a bunch of things (Rebeam it, just for start with) but still it's a lot more productive and creative workflow than writing directly in Finale. I write notes to myself as Text elements in Notion. For instance if I want a particular notation style that Notion isn't able to do at some point of the music. However, there are no any options for exporting XML, at least on the Notion side.

On other news, I have heard about the whole Sibelius team fired by Avid and hired by Steinberg. Nobody seems to know the future of Sibelius, but It seems there's a new notation software on the go by Steinberg. I'm very curious about it.
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